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The Dawn from My Heart (2010)

The Dawn is inspired from the immense emotions that move me when, from my house, I look at the sunrise behind the Gran Sasso Mountains, "The Sleeping Giant"; conjures up memories that are reminiscent of the faces of familiar people and the music listened to and shared with them. Many dreams, some of which have come true.

La Strada  (Single - 2021) 

"La Strada", one of the first songs composed after the release of my previous album, was written in a morning of reflection on the journey of life.

Walking along a sunny road in my country in Abruzzo, between sea and mountains, I thought about the journey of life and I reflected, above all, about the Artistic itinerary traveled up to that moment and the path still to be traveled. In short, I was thinking about the destination, but above all I was imagining the journey.

The notes, full of evocative force, arrived suddenly, like a gift from someone, not from this earth.

The piece was imagined and conceived from the beginning to be performed in duo. I hoped to meet someone to connect with and to share the performance with.

Not long after, I was lucky enough to meet and know Dominic Miller (guitarist, composer and collaborator of Sting) who played this piece (La strada) with me. In addition to a friendship, an artistic collaboration was born between us based on mutual esteem and respect.


Sound of the Rainbow (2021)

cover album copia 2.jpg

The Rainbow is a metaphor of a connection between earthly and supernatural, body and soul, concreteness and desire, mind and heart. It is for me a parallel dimension, suspended time, in which you can immerse completely and get lost, in order to find yourself again. I turned my thoughts, dreams, and emotions into different combinations of harmonies and melodies that, like concentric circles generated by a stone thrown into the water, spread all around without arrogance but with the only desire to convey "pure emotions". I will the take you by the hand upon the colours of the Raimbow, where you can discover how to listen to your heart.
(Rino De Patre)

Melodia (2018)

(feat. Carmine Ioanna, Rino De Patre & Giovanni Montesano)

The melody is the link between the music of Carmine Ioanna and Rino De Patre, crystallized in eight original songs that make up the album.

The result is a large box of various influences of the two musicians, coming from jazz to classical and from folk to electronic music.

It is the perfect balance between Rino De Patre's dreamy and ethereal guitar and Carmine Ioanna's passionate and overflowing accordion, masterfully linked by Giovanni Montesano's talent on the double bass.

MELÒDIA is a journey to make together, leaving yourself to the music and the emotions that arise from it, a collective experience where the audience becomes an active part of the story and often influences its colors and the multiple directions that music may take.


Work with others artists

Suite for Motian (2014)

(Antonio Fusco Sextet)


Italian Songbook (2019)

(Luca Aquino)

Gadara (2022)

(Luca Aquino, Jordanian National Orchestra)

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